About Us

Chinese & South East Asian works of art

Kensoon Asiatic Art specialises in fine Chinese and South East Asian works of art, and is widely recognised to be one of the finest art galleries in its field.


The company was established in the early 1970s in Singapore, importing top quality art pieces from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Burma. In the 1980s, the company expanded across Asia to Hong Kong. This timing was fortuitous as China was opening up to the world during this period, making available a wealth of artifacts from various eras, ranging from Neolithic Pottery to Qing Porcelain.

It was later in the 1990s that the company further consolidated its position in the region, expanding to Bangkok.


Today, T.S Loh, Kensoon's proprietor, continues to travel extensively across the world in search of the finest antiques. An avid collector, he is an internationally respected dealer whose expertise in the field has been recognised by peers and colleagues. Facilitating the joy of art appreciation, T.S continues to source pieces for the collections of top international museums, established collectors, dealers and clients.

An appointment can be made to view some of the most exquisite pieces from both South East Asian and Chinese art.