Tan Tee Chie

้™ˆไธ–้›†ใ€€Tan Tee Chie


Born: 1928



1951 - Nanyang Academy of Art, Singapore


Tan Tee Chie was born in Hainan Province, China. To escape the Sino-Japanese War, he moved to Singapore in 1939. Since his graduation from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with Diploma in Western Paintings in 1951, he has been teaching there and contributed to the training of young artists. He has taken up several prominent positions in the art world and a central figure among the artists who received the post-war art education. He was one of the first artists who was influenced by Woodcut Movement in China and produced woodcut prints with socio-political themes, and he played a leading role on the flourish of Singapore woodcut prints. His works focus on the subject matter of labors, every day life of ordinary people and political movements, which is full of wit and symbolic and innovative expressions. They show his irony and sever criticism to the society. He has an outstanding ability among the third-generation Chinese artists, however, not many works of his are left today.